Fishing Time

It really is a wonderful time of fishing on the sea.

We have to get up early on the morning there is long trip from our site. a wood boat with engine holding beside the shipside,just the one that we will by it. there is many similar boat,i think many of them are fishing boat, it is importing joy of seaside person.

Red sun is rising from horizon, also rising on everyone’s face through the morning fog.

A morning with hope.

sea-wind blowing,fresh and a little briny. Up and down, sitting in the front of boat, wave was splitting and splashing. You are flying. We all enjoy this feeling.

Another interesting thing we are talking about when we find that is color of sea. you can see two colors and division is clearly. I think it cause by different of depth, but others said there may be have two current.

We arrived the destination where is a fishing-ground above sea. Of course, we won’t be fishing inside.

Fishing on sea is really different from lake or river. You must have muck knowledge about sea no only using special tools. For example, you can’t have any gain when flood tide because quick water. You must keep your bait in right depth. Near the surface is workless and also on sea bed.

Feeling, feeling, feeling…and only can see a hook swing after rolling.

“We are enjoy the fishing not only fish”. Laughing…

Gain is a wonderful, after we learn some knack.

Feeling your fish pole, a drag quickly, and rolling the fish line.

How happy time fly.

On our way home with the setting sun.

Blue sea, pink sunglow, and also noise the shipside. It is harvest dusk.

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